• Our flour kneaders are designed at par with international standards such that it takes less kneading time and facilitates better water absorption.
  • It is designed to fold and stretch the dough for adequate aeration and fermentation.
  • The bowl curvature radius, The revolution ratio between kneading arm and bowl have been the object of accurate conception and the result of our experiences of work with any kind of dough.
  • It comes with an indigenously designed heavy duty stainless steel/mild steel bowl.
  • Trouble free operation.
  • Double belt pulley operated.
  • Available in 40Kg and 60Kg variants.
  • M.S. Bowl
  • S.S. Bowl
  • Capacity (Dough): 40kg /60kg/80kg

Introducing the Flour Kneading Master – a cornerstone of precision in bakery production. Meticulously engineered to perfection, our Flour Kneading machine revolutionizes the art of dough preparation, ensuring impeccable results with every batch.

Tailored for professional bakers, the Flour Kneading Master seamlessly marries innovation and efficiency. Its cutting-edge technology and meticulous design guarantee flawlessly kneaded dough, optimizing gluten development and texture. This process not only ensures consistent quality but also significantly reduces kneading time, allowing for heightened productivity without compromising on excellence.

The Flour Kneading Master's intuitive interface empowers bakers to customize kneading speeds and durations, perfectly suiting various recipes. The machine's robust build and durable components withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, while its easy-to-clean stainless steel construction ensures a sanitary environment that adheres to stringent food safety standards.

Whether crafting artisanal breads, delicate pastries, or intricate dough creations, the Flour Kneading Master unlocks a realm of culinary possibilities. By minimizing dough oxidation, it enhances flavors and extends the shelf life of your creations, guaranteeing a superior baking experience for both you and your customers.

Invest in the future of your bakery with the Flour Kneading Master – a fusion of innovation and tradition that shapes dough into works of culinary art. Elevate your baking process, streamline production, and craft dough-based delights that reflect your unwavering commitment to excellence. Ignite your creativity and achieve unparalleled consistency with this indispensable tool by your side.


PFK - 40 40 Kg 1 ⱷ/ 3 ⱷ 1.5 HP 30 x 55 x 40
PFK - 60 60 kg 1 ⱷ/ 3 ⱷ 2 HP 32 x 60 x 43