• High out-put -720 loaves per hour.
  • Low production cost - We have well architected combustion chamber to produce more heat transfer that will results in minimum production cost.
  • Minimum down time - Externally assembling the moving parts resulting in reducing the break down time.
  • Easy operation - Simple and easy to operate control panel with all sort of audio visual
  • Steam system - Efficient steam system which allows desired level of steaming to the products quantity can be to the required level. (option)
  • Robust construction - The structure of machine is heavy and strong with suitable
  • Service backup - For all our customers we have assured life term services and parts are served by our service centre.
  • Temperature - Maximum up to 300° C

Elevate your bakery production to new heights with our Rotary Rack Oven – the epitome of precision baking technology. Crafted to perfection, this oven is the ultimate solution for achieving consistent, mouthwatering results in every batch.

Designed to meet the demands of professional bakers, the Rotary Rack Oven seamlessly blends innovation and efficiency. Its advanced rotating rack system ensures even baking and perfect heat distribution, guaranteeing uniformity across all your baked goods. Whether you're baking bread, pastries, or delicate confections, this oven's versatile design accommodates various products with finesse.

What sets our Rotary Rack Oven apart is its intuitive control panel, empowering bakers to fine-tune temperature, humidity, and baking time settings to suit specific recipes. This level of precision ensures that your creations emerge with the ideal texture, flavor, and appearance every time. The oven's robust construction, featuring high-quality insulation and stainless steel interiors, not only maximizes heat retention but also simplifies cleaning for a hygienic baking environment.

With its spacious interior, this oven accommodates multiple racks, enabling you to bake large quantities in a single batch. Whether you're running a bustling bakery or a commercial kitchen, the Rotary Rack Oven's capacity optimizes productivity, saving you time and resources while consistently delivering top-tier results.

Invest in the future of your bakery with the Rotary Rack Oven – a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional baking mastery. Elevate your creations, streamline your processes, and delight your customers with baked goods that showcase your unwavering commitment to excellence. Unlock the full potential of your recipes and imagination with this indispensable baking partner.


Model Dimension (WxDxH) Max. Temp Conncted Load Weight Trolley Tray Size Breads Biscuits
R-2200 142"(W) x 105"(D) x 95"(H) 300° C 6.2Kw (8HP) 4000 Kg 4 23" x 31" 840 Loaves 124 Kg
R-1800 119"(W) x 89"(D) x 95"(H) 300° C 4.5Kw (6.2HP) 3000 Kg 4 18" x 27" 672 Loaves 88 Kg
R-1700 84"(W) x 69"(D) x 95"(H) 300° C 2.7Kw (4HP) 1950 Kg 2 23" x 31" 420 Loaves 62 Kg
R-1300 77"(W) x 63"(D) x 95"(H) 300° C 2.75Kw (4HP) 1650 Kg 2 18" x 27" 336 Loaves 44 Kg
R-1100 69"(W) x 55"(D) x 95"(H) 300° C 2.75Kw (4HP) 1400 Kg 1 23" x 31" 210 Loaves 22 Kg
R-900 64"(W) x 55"(D) x 87"(H) 300° C 1.5Kw (2HP) 3Ph or 1Ph 1200 Kg 1 18" x 27" 168 Loaves 22 Kg
R-800 54"(W) x 40"(D) x 87"(H) 300° C 1.5Kw (2HP) 3Ph or 1Ph 1000 Kg 1 18" x 27" 120 Loaves 17 Kg
R-700 54"(W) x 40"(D) x 87"(H) 300° C 1.5Kw (2HP) 3Ph or 1Ph 1000 Kg 1 18" x 18" 80 Loaves 11 Kg